How does a Chiropractor treat patients?

The main treatment procedure a Doctor of Chiropractic performs is called an  Adjustment.  An adjustment is a manual procedure that utilizes highly refined skills.  It is a hight velocity, low amplitude thrust to a specific joint in the body typically from a Chiropractor’s hands.

After your Chiropractor thoroughly examined your spine with a “Nervoscope”, Palpation and Visualization and X-ray analysis, your Doctor will perform a specific Chiropractic Adjustment on you.  After the adjustment, your Doctor will use the Nervoscope to check if the misalignment has been corrected and the swelling has subsided.

It is important to understand that a Doctor of Chiropractic’s mission is to find your subluxation, corrected it and allow your body’s nervous system to return to its optimal status.  Some Chiropractors also use physiotherapy as “part” of their treatment, but these therapies are only for soothing and relaxing the muscle to allow the patients to feel better.  An Adjustment is still the main form of treatment for a Chiropractor to restore a patient’s subluxation or spinal misalignment.