Postural Alert

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Postural problems are very common in children.  It can turn out to be a huge problem when the child gets older.  As parents, we need to be alert and look at signs that your child is having postural faults.


Shoulder and Neck
If your child is shrugging his shoulders, or always hutched, it means that the neck and shoulders are not probably aligned.  This may have been caused by heavy school bag, prolong homework or computer usage and lack of proper execises


Low back
Are you noticing your child standing in a very awkward way?  I mean, standing in a slanted position. The hip is tilted forward or backward.  This is a problem with the pelvis and the alignment of the low back.  This can affect walking and standing.


When you child is standing, is the bottom of the foot turned inward, losing the arch?  This is a sign of hyperpronation or flat foot.  It will affect your child’s posture and eventually affecting the knees and hips.