Healthy Eating Tips (1)- Eat Your Way to Healthy Bones

People nowadays have a much busier life than they are 50 years ago. There are no time to cook a decent meal for our bodies anymore.  That’s why there are so many take outs and fast food restaurants opened.  These food may be delicious and convenient but they are not very good for your health especially your bones.  Here are five tips you can do to help keep your bone and body healthy:

1) Avoid all refined whites such as white bread, white rice or white sugar.  These foods have been processed and all the nutritional values are gone.

2) Eat high fiber carbohydrates such as rye bread, wild rice, whole wheat bread etc.  The fiber in these bread or rice will help digestion and they carry many vitamins that are essential for your bones.

3) Avoid drinking beverages or eating desserts that are made with artificial sweeteners.  These sugars are made with chemical and once digested in the body can cause problems to the digestive and nervous system.  If you have a sweet tooth, it is better to use regular brown sugar to make your favourite desserts or drinks and work it off with exercise the next day.

4) Avoid food that is cooked with hydrogenated oil such as margarine because they are unstable in their chemical nature and may cause problems in the body after ingestion.  Fry food such as French fries and fish and chips should be cooked in vegetable oil.  Moderation is the key when dealing with fry foods.

5) Drink more milk and dairy made products.  They are rich in protein and calcium.  If you are lactose intolerant try soy milk and soy made product.  Calcium intake can also be supplemented with tablets.  Make it a habit to have 500-1000 mg or Calcium intake daily.