The Importance of the Alignment of the Pelvis

A lot of people are suffering from neck and low back pain.  Many of the treatments out there are only treating the symptoms and not the cause.  They would go to the drug store and get their Tynenol, Aspirin, Advil etc. Do they work, yes, but only for a short time.  Some would go to a physiotherapist and do all sorts of treatments like heat pad, interferentials, traction, ultrasound etc.  It took the pain away for a while but several months later, it came back again.

According to the famous American Chiropractor, Dr. Clarence Selmer Gonstead, most of the spinal disorder originated from the pelvis.  The pelvis is the foundation of the body similar to the foundation of a building.  When the foundation is weak or misaligned, the entire structure will fall.  When we have bad postural habits, it will weaken our pelvis causing it to become misaligned.  If it is not fixed immediately, it will travel upward and affect the low back, the midback and the neck causing pain.

Dr. Gonstead strongly suggested that when a patient has a spinal disorder, it is important to examine the pelvis FIRST to see any problem present.  One of the ways to check pelvic alignment is by examining any short leg present.  Once we establish the location of the short leg, we can then follow up with a pelvic x-ray to confirm the exact degree of misaligment or what we called in chiropractic, Subluxation.  The pelvis can subluxate in 4 directions: external, internal, upward and downward.  Fixing the subluxated pelvis is by a technique called Adjustments.  We apply it on the pelvic bone and the surrounding hip joint.  It will usually take several treatments to repair the condition.  However, patients will feel a significant difference immediately after the first adjustment because they can feel the balance of the feet and the pelvis.