What is the difference between a Chiropractor and a Chinese bonesetter?

A Chiropractor’s principal method of treatment is through adjustments (spinal manipulations) to restore the proper joint function of the spine and other osseous structures.  Spinal adjustment is only safe and effective when the doctor is probably trained and has a comprehensive knowledge on the human anatomy.  Chiropractors spend hours in anatomy labs understand and learning the human spinal structure and their training provide safe and effective treatments for patients.

Chinese bonesetters perform spinal manipulations on patients also.  However, all Chinese bonesetters are not registered and regulated by the Hong Kong Health Department.  Their training varies because there are no proper colleges for bonesetters.  Some of them learned their skills from parents and grandparents, therefore, they did not have a comprehensive knowledge of the human anatomy making it unsafe and high risk for the public as they perform these manipulations.