Q: I am diagnosed with a herniated disc, what should I do?

I have pain between my two shoulders and recently diagnosed with herniated disc in my lower back. For the last half a year, the situation got worse. I have spasm in the muscles and pain with walking and sitting. What can I do?
There are two parts to this question.  First, the pain in between your shoulders may have been caused by tight muscle or poor posture.  Do more exercise and several adjustments of the mid back should help alleviate your pain. Second, herniated disc is a very serious condition and it seems like it’s not getting any better. You need to get your spine re-examined by a chiropractor.  Many studies have shown that disc herniation can benefit greatly from chiropractic adjustment of the spine.  The re-alignment of the vertebrae will relieve the impinged nerves and allow the disc to move back into place.